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Aquarius New Moon

February 1, 2022: New Moon at Aquarius 12°20’, 12:46 am EST.

This Aquarius New Moon activates the on-going Saturn/Uranus square, as has virtually all the New and Full Moons over the last year. Saturn is aligned with the Sun/Moon conjunction; the conjunction is square to Uranus. Our collective birth process continues.

Capricorn – the earth sign concerned with structure – maintains a strong presence. Both Venus – now direct but still stationary – and Mars are in Capricorn. Between now and the Full Moon on February 16, these two will pull closer together, culminating in an exact conjunction on the day of the Full Moon. Mercury retrograde is conjunct to Pluto, with transiting Pluto within a degree of the first exact United States Pluto return.

The current emphasis is on the two signs – Capricorn and Aquarius – most concerned with our collective experience. Capricorn describes the structure that holds society together – it’s rules, laws, and collective agreements. Aquarius is the collective itself – the substance held by Capricorn form. Both substance and form are undergoing a transformation – a death/rebirth process. We are in the midst of a long and challenging labor.

There is support. Jupiter, Uranus, and the Mars/Venus conjunction are in a lovely relationship with one another. Jupiter is in Pisces, the sign associated with compassion for our collective experience. When we practice kindness for ourselves and others, the difficulty of these times is easier to bear.

Many of us are feeling exhausted by the intensity and want this birth – whatever it is to be – to be done. And such things have their own timing. The labor is not over. It is our job to hold the vision of what this new life will be, for we are the midwives of a New Earth. We are One Planet, held by Earth and Sky. We are all in this together.

January 30, 2022, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by Gerd Altmann

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