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Mercury in Pisces

This is the position of the medium, psychic, and sensitive who is attuned to other worlds and able to receive information from other dimensions. Not all with this Mercury position know they have this gift. Many with these abilities are ridiculed early in their lives - told that they are overly imaginative or just too sensitive. In truth, the veils are very thin for those born with Mercury in Pisces.

Aligned with Sothis, the Blue Star Sirius, these individuals receive direct downloads from the Great Star Nations. They are meant to be intermediaries between Heaven and Earth. These natives are natural empaths, and they may take on the pain of the world. It is hard to be so sensitive and easy to be overwhelmed. These natives must learn discernment - which messages are true and which are not.

On a collective level, this will be a vulnerable time. It is easy to feel overwhelmed during Mercury in Pisces. When we are emotionally reactive, words can cut and feelings can be hurt. And this is also an expansive time with opportunities to see into the mysteries hidden behind the veils. Open your heart to love, your mind to that which is hidden, and be willing to receive.

Mercury/Thoth will be in the emanation of Pisces/Sothis from March 15 through April 3.

March 15, 2021 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by Lumina Obscura

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