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Saturn Stationary

The second of the Great Shift planets is moving to station and preparing to turn retrograde.

In traditional astrology, Saturn is the principle of restriction. Transits and natal aspects of Saturn bring a sense of constriction that is not comfortable. In old time astrology, these influences were feared and considered unlucky.

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Saturn is allied with Sobek, the Old King. Sobek is The Warrior King Set when he has grown old. He’s tired, somewhat jaded, and used to being in control. He does not want to give up his power. In Greek and Roman myth, Saturn (Cronos to the Greeks) is the father who so fears that his children will usurp his power, he swallows them whole.

Although this is not a comfortable energy, it is necessary. Saturn/Sobek shows up when something has run its term. It’s finished, yet still hanging on. Something needs to remove this outworn structure, but the only way we know that is by feeling how oppressive it is. When we feel stuck – trapped - we’re frequently responding to a Saturn/Sobek aspect or transit.

Some people try to blow their way through this energy. Some curl up in a little ball and give up – feeling overwhelmed by forces seemingly impossible to overcome. But there is an alternative. We can metaphorically sit with our back against the barrier and drop a grounding cord deep into the Earth. Feel the power and strength that comes from this connection. Breathe it in, pull up its strength and then wait – this is the hardest part. In Roman and Greek myth, Saturn/Cronos is the god of time. The way will not clear until the time is right.

Saturn/Sobek is currently stationary at Aquarius 1°57’, turning retrograde on May 10/11. Saturn reenters Capricorn on July 1.

May 8, 2020 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Sobek by DEZALB

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