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Sun in Libra

Graceful, lighthearted, and creative, these natives are lovers of beauty, harmony, and color. Their artistic sensibilities shine through their natural ability to create symmetry and harmony in their environment. This desire for harmony extends to relationships as well - these individuals long for completion through interaction with another. In their shadow, these people have difficulty expressing their true nature in relationships. There is a chameleon quality to this air sign and these natives sometimes lose touch with themselves. Libra can be conflict avoidant, falling into people pleasing and a tendency to give themselves away for the sake of keeping the peace.

The Shamanic Egyptian Astrology ally of Libra is Ma’at, the goddess of Truth, Justice and Balance. Her symbol – like the sign Libra – is the scales. In her myth, she weighs the heart of the newly deceased against the feather she wears in her crown. In order for the soul of this individual to ascend to the Du’at – the Egyptian version of heaven – the heart must be lighter than Ma’at’s feather.

For Ma’at, balance is defined as the natural rhythm of life. There is a wave to life – good follows bad, dark follows light, there is beauty in ugliness – and vice versa. All polarities are in fact a spectrum; all opposites are in dynamic balance. Nothing is good or bad. Everything simply is - even the things we find difficult to accept.

The Sun will emanate through Libra/Ma’at from September 22 to October 22/23. During this time, focus on finding balance within and without. Harmonize your own needs with the needs of those around you. One is not more important than the other – find the dynamic relationship between the two.

September 22, 2021 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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