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Uranus Stationary

Exhilarating, exciting, unpredictable, and sometimes destructive, The Great Awakener is slowing to station. Whenever an outer planet is stationary, it’s effect is very strong. With Uranus stationary, prepare to be jolted awake in some area of your life.

In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Uranus is aligned with Wadjet, the Cobra Kundalini Queen. This is life force, insistent, persistent, sexual, sensual, constantly moving and continually breaking through restraint. New life will not be denied! When a blade of grass breaks through concrete, we are in the presence of Wadjet. When an earthquake – literal or metaphoric – shakes and rattles the cage of our existence, Wadjet is in the room. When we break out of an outworn container, whether it be of body, emotions, or mind, Wadjet is present.

Wadjet reveals what we have not yet perceived nor even considered. Something is ready to burst forth and grab a slice of life. On a personal level, stations of Uranus/Wadjet can activate a kundalini awakening, a body felt sense of intense energy traveling up the spine, accompanied by a range of physical, emotional, and mental responses. Collectively, stations of Uranus are often accompanied by earthquakes and explosions – the sort of events that disrupt our lives and change our routine. Through these external events, Wadjet is letting us know we are not in charge. It’s a wild ride, but without it nothing new would be born.

The effect of Uranus/Wadjet stationary will remain strong through August 21, gradually diminishing thereafter. Uranus/Wadjet will be retrograde from August 15th through January 18, 2021.

August 12, 2020 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by Marcel Kessler

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