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Do you believe you have a mission to accomplish in your life? Do you have a sense of purpose that you know is a calling from your Soul? And, do you feel that your life is in harmony with that purpose?

Living on Planet Earth can be tough.

The day-to-day stress of making a living, caring for those we love, nourishing our bodies and protecting ourselves from the daily barrage of collective conflict and suffering – all of this takes a toll. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and lose touch with who we really are and what we want out of life.


It is possible to attend to practical matters while staying connected to our larger calling. Life is a journey from birth to death and astrology provides a map. If we understand the map, we understand the roadblocks and diversions and begin to see how all of it serves a greater purpose. Life becomes fulfilling rather than restricting and even the darkest days can be put into the context of a larger vision.


I’ve combined decades of experience as an astrologer grounded in the principles of psychology with a deep understanding of world myth, focused particularly on the archetypes of ancient Egypt and the hidden language of the stars. The result is a new approach to the language of astrology. Traditional astrology emphasizes our wounds. Shamanic Starology focuses on our wholeness, without denying the difficulties we periodically encounter on our journey.


Everyone needs a road map to get where we want to go. Contact me for yours.




Ruby Falconer

Ruby is the co-creator of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology and the co-author of "Shamanic Egyptian Astrology: Your Planetary Relationship to the Gods."

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