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Cancer New Moon

July 5, 2024:  New Moon at Cancer 14°23’, 6:57 pm EDT.


The emphasis in this New Moon chart is on feminine, or yin energy. The Sun/Moon conjunction is opposite Ceres, the mother who goes to the ends of the earth to find Persephone, her kidnapped daughter. This opposition forms a very loose T-square with stationary Chiron (turning retrograde on July 26), highlighting the wound.


Persephone was kidnapped by her uncle – Pluto – with the tacit permission of her father – Jupiter, or Zeus. Ceres must wander far and long before she learns what has happened to her daughter. Eventually she finds Persephone hidden in Pluto’s underworld. Powerful goddess though she is, she cannot reclaim her daughter fully. The best she can do is make a deal.  


Cancer is the sign most associated with mother energy. This is the place of home, family and roots, and refers to the security provided to young individuals by a healthy childhood environment.


Present in this chart is a tight square between Venus (what we want to receive) and Chiron and Eris, Goddess of Strife and Discord. Most of us long to feel safe, yet this remains elusive for many.

Between now and the Full Moon (July 21) this theme will continue. The Sun will move through an exact square to Chiron (July 15) and on to an opposition to Pluto. The Full Moon will conjunct Pluto and square both Chiron and Eris. Feelings of safety and security will be in scarce supply.

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Cancer is allied with Nut and Geb, the Divine Parents. Nut is the Sky Goddess; Geb is the Earth God. Together these two – Mother and Father - create our biosphere of air and earth, without which life cannot survive. It is their love that creates an environment of safety for all Earthlings. They are of equal importance; neither can do it alone. We must heal the wound of imbalance between yang and yin, action and receptivity.

July 4, 2024, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image: Genesis by szvladimir

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