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Capricorn Full Moon

June 21, 2024:  Full Moon at Capricorn 1°07’, 9:08 pm EDT.


With this Capricorn Full Moon, Cancer season is firmly in play. The Sun, Venus and Mercury are conjunct, emphasizing Cancerian values of kindness, compassion and empathy. Cancer is a sensitive sign and can become easily overwhelmed by the emotions of others. Adding to this tendency at this Full Moon is a T-square with Neptune.


Neptune is the planet of cosmic consciousness, illumination, and intuition. It is also associated with illusion, delusion and confusion. Neptune is slowing to station and will turn retrograde on July 2. Also slowing to station is Saturn, turning retrograde on June 29.


In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Saturn – principle of constraint - is allied with Sobek, the Old King. Neptune is allied with Nephthys, sister of Isis, lover of Osiris, mother of Anubis. Nephthys is a complicated archetype. She is the Keeper of the Mysteries Behind the Veils, sorceress and mistress of magic, and she is also the betrayer of her sister and abandoner of her child. She is both honored and reviled but mostly she is simply misunderstood. Her myth revolves around abandonment, an experience central to life on Earth. How many of us have experienced abandonment in childhood, often unintentionally? A choice made by a parent that hurts yet cannot be any other way. A parent lost through illness or accident. This is Nephthys realm, one that the child within cannot easily understand.


This Capricorn Full Moon points toward a perception of dissolving structures. The central position of Nephthys in this Full Moon chart suggests that some may feel vulnerable and unprotected. Yet we are not alone. Just behind the curtain are forces that love and hold us in their loving arms. Open to their love and allow it to feed you.


June 20, 2024, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by JuliusH

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