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Capricorn New Moon

January 11, 2024:  New Moon at Capricorn 20°44’, 6:57 am EST.


The first New Moon of the year initiates a huge transition. In 2024 we shift away from dominance by the structure of Capricorn and Saturn and open to the revolutionary energy of Aquarius and Uranus.


The shift will begin within this Moon cycle. This New Moon features a loose conjunction with Pluto, currently at the last degree of Capricorn. Pluto and the Sun will enter Aquarius on January 20. Pluto will remain in early Aquarius for most of the year, with a final visit to Capricorn from September 1 through November 19. This will complete Pluto’s two-year transition from Capricorn to Aquarius, where the Lord of the Underworld will remain for the next 20 years.


Throughout this Moon cycle, Uranus – ruler of Aquarius, allied with the Cobra Goddess Wadjet – will be stationary, turning direct on January 27. Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn will be in a harmonious relationship. Mars, the yang energy that makes things happen, is in structured Capricorn. Jupiter and Saturn are in a harmonious relationship (a sextile). The logjam is starting to break.


In traditional astrology, Aquarius is the sign of the collective and Pluto is the symbol of transformation. Aquarius is a visionary sign, ruler of science, technology, and revolutions of all sorts. The shift of Pluto to Aquarius heralds technological and scientific breakthroughs that will revolutionize how we live. This will be a brave new world - frighteningly unfamiliar yet holding amazing potential.


In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Aquarius is allied with Ptah, Creator of Heaven and Earth. Pluto is Osiris, the Lord of Regeneration. The scientific and technological revolutions to come will change our world. Very soon, events will begin to move very fast, creating a cascade of competing effects. Innovative collective solutions will be required.


January 10, 2023, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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