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Gemini New Moon

June 6, 2024:  New Moon at Gemini 16°17’, 8:37 am EDT.


At this New Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, Sun, and Venus form a stellium. Gemini season is in full swing.


Gemini represents the free flow of information. This fluid sign likes to move, dancing through a variety of experiences and making connections that may not be obvious to others.


This New Moon is in tight conjunction with Venus on the 16th degree. Venus is about values, what we want to receive. Gemini energy is in its glory right now, and we are all experiencing a dynamic flow of information and a rapid unfolding of events. The Sun/Moon/Venus conjunction is in a challenging aspect (a square) to Saturn in Pisces, which is slowing to station and will turn retrograde on June 29th.


The square to Saturn provides some restraint on Gemini’s constant fluidity. Information is a wonderful thing and there is also such a thing as too much. We are being subjected to a barrage of facts and figures, much of it conflicting. The effect can be similar to listening in on an old-time telephone party line. There are a multiplicity of voices rising and falling, talking over one another. When many voices are talking, it’s hard to hear what anyone is saying. Everything seems to be speeding up and for those who are sensitive to this energy, feelings of overwhelm and anxiety emerge.


Adding to the picture, Mars is moving rapidly and has entered a square to Pluto. Some people become angry when feeling over stimulated by external energies. Best to slow down, ground, and listen first to oneself, then to others. Information overload is exciting to some, confusing and anxiety-producing to others. Out of this environment, misunderstandings can emerge, and anger can follow.

 June 5, 2024, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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