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Jupiter Enters Gemini.

Jupiter, the principle of expansion, must always be considered with its opposite: Saturn, the principle of contraction.


In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Jupiter is allied with Horus, the Young King. Horus is the child of Osiris and Isis. His father is killed by his uncle – Set – a heinous act that initiates a centuries-long war for the throne of Osiris. Horus eventually wins, but not without great suffering and upheaval in the kingdom.


Horus is characterized by brashness and youthful enthusiasm. He brings boundless energy, conviction, and determination to the battle. He does not necessarily bring wisdom – that quality is held by his opposite – Sobek, the Old King. Sobek’s wisdom is learned through experience, and he is not always open to new ideas.


Jupiter stays in a sign of the Zodiac for approximately one year and expands the energy of the sign it is transiting through. Gemini represents the place in human experience where we collect information about a wide range of subjects.


In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Gemini is associated with The Sphinx, representative of the many Earth Altars scattered around the planet. These structures were built by ancient civilizations to draw down information from the Great Star Nations and disseminate that information around the world. Jupiter in Gemini (Horus emanating through The Sphinx), suggests a period where there will be a barrage of new information flowing into our collective and individual consciousness.


Jupiter/Horus will remain in the emanation of Gemini/The Sphinx from May 25, 2024 to June 9, 2025. For much of this time, Jupiter will be in a square aspect to Saturn. The stream of information will be strong, and there will also be a drive to determine what is valuable in this incoming information and what is not.


May 25, 2024, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image: Horus, God of the Sky by Tyler Ryan


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