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Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

March 25, 2024:  Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at Libra 5°07’, 3:00 am EDT.


We come to the end of a phase that began with the October 14th Annular Solar Eclipse. That eclipse moved through the United States from Oregon to Texas, then into Mexico, Central and South America. It initiated a period of experience that ends with this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This will be a penumbral lunar eclipse wherein the Moon moves through the faint outer part of the Earth’s shadow. To the extent that it can be seen, this lunar eclipse will be visible throughout North America and most of South America.


Symbolically, we are entering a portal between two phases of experience. This portal can be thought of as a tunnel. On April 8, we will exit this tunnel into a dramatic Total Solar Eclipse.


It is worth thinking about all that has happened since October 14. This time has been dominated by the aftermath of the Hamas terrorist attack in Israel, the war in Ukraine, the upcoming US election, and concerns about climate change. Astrologically, these events parallel the completion of the US Pluto Return, the entry of Pluto into Aquarius, and the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction.


This Lunar Eclipse marks the beginning of a new transition. Imagine that over the next two weeks you are moving through a tunnel. It’s dark in the tunnel. You must move slowly, putting one foot in front of the other. This is a birth process, and the tunnel is the birth canal. Enter the portal consciously – what do you want to release; to leave behind?

Art: Tunnel Vision by ZaraOlympia


March 24, 2024, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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