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Mercury Retrograde

April 1, 2024:  Mercury turns Retrograde at Aries 27°33’, 6:14 pm.


Many people regard Mercury retrograde periods with a certain level of fear. “Don’t start a relationship, don’t sign contracts, don’t commit to anything new.” The fear is that anything begun during a Mercury retrograde period will not work out so beware all possibilities that come forth during this time. They are somehow tainted and will not last.


My observation tells a different tale. I’ve seen people buy houses, start new jobs, and get married during Mercury retrograde periods with no ill effects. Those that fear Mercury retrograde are missing the point.


It is true that we are not meant to be moving forward in an aggressive way during this three-week period. This is a time of retreat; to move inward, in communion with our inner guidance. Communication with others can be challenging, confusion reigns in the world of Thoth. It’s best to double check all agreements and not assume that we and another person are on the same page because we probably aren’t. If we slow down, listen carefully, and consider our words, we will learn much.


This retrograde station of Mercury is fraught with powerful aspects. Jupiter and Uranus, Venus and Neptune, and Mars and Saturn are all in conjunctions. Our hearts want to open wide, and our Warrior struggles against constraints. Mercury is aligned with Eris, shit-stirrer extraordinaire, and in a square to Pluto in Aquarius. A new foundation is being laid, one which isn’t easy to see – at least not yet – and the energy feels chaotic.


This station of Mercury takes place at the halfway point of our journey through the portal between two eclipses, a time rich in magic and mystery. Take time to go inward and listen to your inner wisdom. Much will be learned.


Mercury will be retrograde April 1st to the 25th, moving from the 27th degree to the 15th degree of Aries.


April 1, 2024, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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