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Solstice; Sun enters Cancer

The dance of Earth and Sun is at its extreme. The pendulum has swung as far as it can go in one direction. Maximum light for those who live in the north; maximum dark for those who live in the south. It is time to turn and begin the journey back in the opposite direction.


With the June Solstice, the Sun enters the water sign Cancer. All Earth beings need to begin life held in a container of love. A child, a puppy, kitten, fledgling, fawn, foal – babies of all kinds – need to have someone to love and protect them. This dual experience - love and protection – is the realm of Cancer.


In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Cancer is allied with The Divine Parents, Nut and Geb. Their origins are shamanic in nature. Nut is the Sky Goddess; Geb is the Earth God. These two are in love. Nut arches her body above her lover, stretching her fingers and toes down to Earth. Geb reaches up to his beloved with his mountains and trees. Together these two create the sacred container of Earth and Sky, home to all those who live upon the surface of the Earth, human and animal alike.


Nut and Geb love us, but they do not interfere. If we destroy our Earth by poisoning our air and soil, they will not stop us. Perhaps they will be sad that their love is not enough. Those with Cancer strong in their chart are loving, caring people. They are sensitive and sympathetic, empathic and compassionate, and – in their shadow – overly protective. Nut and Geb show us that it is possible to love without interfering. To be compassionate without control. To care without fixing or taking on the pain of others. It is possible to allow those we love to write their own stories without interference.


The Sun will move through the emanation of Cancer/Nut and Geb from June 20 to July 22.


June 20, 2024, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by Hansuan Fabregas

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