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Taurus New Moon

May 7, 2024:  New Moon at Taurus 18°02’, 11:22 pm EDT.


This is such a challenging time. New life is stirring, erupting out of the confines of old forms, but it is difficult to see beyond the chaos created by the eruptions.


This New Moon is dominated by Taurus and Aries energy. Aries is the initiator of a new cycle. At this New Moon we have Mars, North Node, Chiron, Mercury, and Eris in Aries. Venus, Sun, Moon, Uranus, and Jupiter are in Taurus. Taurus, second sign of the Zodiac, grounds in physical form the new cycle initiated by Aries. In this New Moon chart, all the planets are held within a trine between Ceres in Capricorn and the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. New structures are being created, even as the old forms are being destroyed. Quite naturally, our attention is on the destruction but that is only part of the story.


There is healing energy in this chart, particularly around the mindset of the Warrior. Mercury and Chiron are conjunct on the 21st degree of Aries and in a challenging aspect to Ceres. Old forms are loudly challenged, creating space for new energy to come forth.


Saturn in Pisces is in a sextile – a harmonious aspect – to the New Moon conjunction in Taurus. The Old King is supporting the emergence of new forms. The biggest challenge lies in the shadows. The Aries Warrior has spent centuries supporting values that are no longer useful; what worked in the past no longer works. Taurus can be very stubborn, reluctant to release what has been acquired. Yet that is what must happen.


When there is an eruption – an earthquake, explosion, volcanic eruption, a war – the structure of Earth society is reorganized. We are in the throes of destruction and the chaos of creation. What will emerge is not yet clear.


May 6, 2024, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by Gerd Altmann

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