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Virgo Full Moon

February 24, 2024:  Full Moon at Virgo 5°23’, 7:31 am EST.


This Full Moon is a combination of gentle, nurturing energy and a strident demand for expression. The Pisces Sun is conjunct to Mercury and Saturn, all opposite the Virgo Moon. The opposition forms a Kite with nurturing Ceres in Capricorn and expansive Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter and Saturn are sextile. These are complementary energies, comprised of water and earth. There is a process – a birth – taking place that is being held by nurturing forces. And there is stress in this chart. Venus and Mars – yin and yang – are conjunct in Aquarius and square to Jupiter in Taurus. Pluto is in a loose relationship to this square. New life is struggling to be born but it is not yet time.


It is the Aquarian Age that is being birthed. In truth, we cannot imagine what this age will be like. It will be defined by technology. This is nothing new. Over the last hundred years, our world has been hugely transformed by technology and we are still on the cusp of what will come. We are in this odd place of seeking some sort of peace between the spiritual beliefs we have subscribed to for the last 2000 years with the realities of what is possible. Do we really value life as much as we say we do? Technology has made it very easy to maim and kill, while also creating more effective means of healing the wounds we have created.


We are experiencing the Turning of the Ages, the in-between time between the death of the Age of Pisces and the full-on birth of the Aquarian Age. During these tumultuous times both polarities – Pisces/Virgo and Aquarius/Leo – are strong. Spirituality vs Reason. The Collective vs The Individual. No wonder it feels so confusing!


During this Full Moon window, take time to feel the tension of the opposites. Duality makes it demands. And, in all things, consider the opposite.

February 23, 2024, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image: Duality by AncientHiddenLibrary


February 23, 2024, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.


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