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Aquarius Full Moon

August 1, 2023: Full Moon at Aquarius 9°16’, 2:31 pm EDT

The Aquarius/Leo opposition contrasts the power of the collective against the creative force of the individual. Jupiter, principle of expansion (Horus in the Egyptian pantheon), forms a T-square with the Sun/Moon opposition, expanding the struggle between these polarities during this Full Moon window.

Venus, the feminine principle in traditional astrology (Isis to the Egyptians), is retrograde and moving into a square with Uranus (Wadjet). Uranus – the Great Awakener - will soon station, turning retrograde on August 28. Venus will move though the first of two exact squares to Uranus on August 9; the second will be in late September. This Full Moon window finds Uranus/Wadjet in a tight square with Lilith, the Wild Feminine. Interesting that we lost Sinead O’Connor – a truly Wild Female – this week while “Barbie” is big at the box office.

Mercury, planet of communication and ally of Thoth, is in Virgo and in opposition to Saturn/Sobek in Pisces. The emphasis is on the yin pole; the invitation is to engage in attentive and discerning communication regarding what we need as support from those around us so we can connect with our instinctual selves. Gender is not relevant here – we all have a wildness within that needs expression as part of the creative process. Focused attention and a striving for clarity is possible at this time, as long as the emphasis is on the yin pole.

What do you want to receive from your collective – your family, community, tribe? How can your creativity be supported by those around you? What are you receiving that works for you? What doesn’t? If you are not getting what you need, make the effort – and it will be an effort – to speak. What do you need in order to unleash your wild creative self?

July 31, 2023, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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