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Aries Solar Eclipse

April 20, 2023: Solar Eclipse New Moon at Aries 29°50’, 12:13 am EDT.

The second 2023 Aries New Moon is a Solar Eclipse, visible in a narrow band crossing South/East Asia, Australia, and Antarctica. This eclipse will take place on the last degree of Aries, 10 minutes from the cusp of Taurus, and in a powerful square to Pluto, planet of transformation and change.

This Solar Eclipse marks our entry into a portal between two periods of experience. Our current phase began November 8, 2022. This next phase will begin with the May 5 Scorpio Lunar Eclipse and will end on October 14. Over the next two weeks we move through the birth canal from one eclipse cycle into another.

Enter the portal consciously. This is an opportunity for regeneration; we can shed that which no longer serves and enter the new phase stripped clean and ready for our next cycle of growth.

While we are in this two-week birth canal, both Mercury and Pluto (consciousness and transformation) will turn retrograde (April 21 and May 1). Mercury is in Taurus, aligned with Uranus. Pluto is at the very beginning of Aquarius. Aquarius – ruled by Uranus - is the sign of the collective and associated with technology and science. Revolutionary technological advances are erupting into society; these tools will bring change on a scale that is difficult to fathom.

External change of this magnitude will require individual adaptation on both philosophical and practical levels. The next period of experience will provide opportunities to assess what we want to bring with us into this new world and what we want to discard. Use this two-week portal to begin an examination of your personal reality construct. Question your internal lens. Are your assumptions about the world and your relationship to it accurate?

April 18, 2023, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image: Solar Eclipse, A.I. Generated Art

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