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Cancer Full Moon

January 6, 2023: Full Moon at Cancer 16°21’, 6:08 pm EST.

As we enter this Full Moon window, the United States is in a crisis of government. The Republican majority in the House of Representatives is battling over who will be Speaker of the House, second in line to the Presidency.

Retrograde Mercury is in a tight alignment with the Capricorn Sun and Chiron is square to the Full Moon opposition. Whenever Chiron is prominent, a core wound emerges.

The US is a Cancer country, Capricorn rules the structure of government, and Mercury is about communication. Pluto is back on the same degree as the US birth Pluto – our Pluto Return. Pluto’s orbit around the Sun takes 240 years so this is a collective rather than personal experience. The few countries that have experienced a Pluto Return have found themselves shaken to their core as unresolved foundational issues rise to the surface.

The focus of this current activation is Chiron. Chiron is transiting Aries, highlighting a planetary wound involving The Warrior, a powerful archetype that is both initiator and destroyer. All transformation is in some way initiated by destruction. The chick must break the shell of the egg in order to survive. A seed breaks through its casing in order to grow toward the surface. When societies are involved, breaking through to a new form is chaotic and threatening.

This crisis will end, but the bigger story will continue. The United States, which has functioned as a planetary leader over the last 100 years is in free fall. The US was born of war – a revolution – and our fractious roots are revealed through extreme polarization. We can minimize the damage by letting go of our resistance to change and envision a new way of being and doing. This birth to a New Earth does not have to be painful.

January 5, 2023, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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