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Capricorn Full Moon

July 3, 2023: Full Moon at Capricorn 11°18’, 7:38 am EDT.

This Full Moon window coincides with the United States birthday on July 4. Pluto is back in Capricorn and heading toward the third and final US Pluto Return in October. Neptune is newly retrograde and still stationary, and Saturn is retrograde in Pisces. The Sun/Moon opposition forms a T-square with Chiron, indicator of core wounds.

Core wounds – that is what we are dealing with in the US. The US is a Cancer country and we have a strong protective streak. We take care of our own. The problem historically has been what we define as “our own.” If it is decided that you aren’t one of us (even if you’ve been born in the US or lived here for years), you will be regarded as some kind of threat. You will be treated with suspicion at best and as an outright enemy at worst. This attitude has led many Americans to be unkind while loudly proclaiming their love of home and family.

Neptune and Saturn remain prominent. Neptune is in its own sign – Pisces – and its expression is strong. Saturn has been in Pisces since March and is valiantly trying to contain the Neptunian fluidity but to no avail. Water will seep through the cracks of any façade and ultimately break it down. Confusion and dissolution prevail.

Venus and Mars remain conjunct in Leo and in a harmonious relationship with Chiron. There’s anger in this conjunction and also a longing for leadership. Where will we find it? Who – what – can lead the way to a new evolution of ourselves? It’s hard to see through the watery mists and trust is required to find our way. This Full Moon window is a good time to tune in to your inner guidance and allow yourself to be led to the correct path for your own life.

July 2, 2023, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Digital Image by Eye Jack

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