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Gemini Full Moon

November 27, 2023:  Full Moon at Gemini 4°51’, 4:16 am EST.


Emotions run high at the Full Moon and this one is no exception. The Sagittarius Sun is conjunct to Warrior Mars and Ceres the Nurturer. Both this Sagittarius conjunction and the opposing Moon are square to Saturn in Pisces. Warrior energy is strong and Gemini’s characteristic fluidity is stifled by constraining Saturn. This roadblock is a set-up for a particularly toxic form of frustration.


There are some mitigating factors. Venus in Libra is allied with the South Node and opposite angry Eris, the North Node, and Chiron - the Wounded Healer. Both are square to Pluto, symbol of death and transformation. Harmony can be achieved, but only by a full recognition of the wounding both sides carry. If empathy for the pain of the other can be found, it might be possible to escape this impasse and move toward the transformative power of true reconciliation. Appeasement will not work, and neither will zealotry. All that is left is true compassion.


A quote from Thich Nhat Hanh, shared by the artist: “One compassionate word, action, or thought can reduce another person’s suffering and bring him (her) joy. One word can give comfort and confidence, destroy doubt, help someone avoid a mistake, reconcile a conflict, or open the door to liberation. One action can save a person’s life or help him (her) take advantage of a rare opportunity. One thought can do the same because thoughts always lead to words and actions. With compassion in our heart, every thought, word and deed can bring about a miracle.”


Be the Miracle.


November 25, 2023, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Art: Manifestations by Olga Klimova. Look for her on Instagram: Olga Klimova ( • Instagram photos and videos

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