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Leo Full Moon

February 5, 2023: Full Moon at Leo 16°40’, 1:28 pm EST.

Uranus remains at the forefront of the astrological landscape. The Great Awakener turned direct at the January 21 New Moon. Now Uranus forms a T-square with the Sun/Moon opposition that is the Full Moon. All planets are direct, creating the sense that time has sped up; events are piling on top of one another in a nonlinear way. In Egyptian myth, Uranus is allied with Wadjet – the Cobra Kundalini Goddess. This Goddess breaks through energetic blocks, creating a firehose of lifeforce that is both vitalizing and chaotic.

Mercury is moving into a conjunction to Pluto, both in square to Eris, Goddess of Discord. There is a lot of talk, some discourse probes deep to the core. Other exchanges are combative, revealing a deep well of resentment.

Venus and Mars are square at this Full Moon. Venus is what we want to receive; Mars is how we manifest what Venus wants. Venus is in Pisces – a tender, compassionate position. Mars is now direct in Gemini. This warrior is active and energetic, and can become over-stimulated and confused. What we want and what we manifest are at cross purposes, which can create turmoil.

All is confusion and anything is possible. Find a quiet space within the whirlwind where truth prevails. Birth is chaotic.

February 4, 2023, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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