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Mars in Aries

Creative, impulsive, assertive, competitive and – at times – combative and combustible, the fire sign Aries is The Initiator. This is the Desire To Be – to exist and experience. In traditional astrology, Mars rules Aries. The Roman Mars is the god of war; his Greek counterpart is Aries. These mythic Warriors care only about the battle. In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, this is the very complicated Set - murderer, betrayer, and loyal protector. Which one you get, depends upon the story.

This journey of Mars through Aries will be a long one – just over six months. Mars will turn retrograde in his home sign in a challenging relationship to The Great Shift planets (Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto). As difficult as The Great Shift energy has been, what we’ve experienced thus far is only the first act of this story.

Most of us have a mixed reaction to The Warrior. We may appreciate his/her (The Warrior is not gendered) commitment to protect the vulnerable, yet also feel wary of The Warrior run amok. The fury of the unrestrained Warrior – that raging desire to maim, kill and destroy - is terrifying.

We all have a Warrior. This aspect of our psyche is creative and destructive, aggressive and protective. In the Egyptian myth, Set is both the murderer of his brother and the protector of Ra during the Sun God’s nightly journey through the underworld. In his latter role, Set uses every ounce of his Warrior strength, determination, and focus to kill the monster that intends to gobble up the Sun. He does this for two reasons: first, it is his Sacred Duty; and second, he loves the Earth.

May we all have the strength to act from Love. Not from fear or from hate. From Love.

Mars entered Aries on June 27, will turn retrograde on September 9, direct on November 13, and will exit Aries on January 6.

June 28, 2020 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by Harald Matern

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