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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Three times a year, three weeks at a time, Mercury – consciousness, communication, and transportation – turns retrograde. Mercury Retrograde periods invite us to examine how we have been interacting with others and our world. This “revisiting” is defined by the sign Mercury is transiting through.

This Mercury retrograde phase will be in Taurus with Uranus playing a major role. Mercury is currently at station conjunct to Uranus and the Moon. The Sun is in a tight square to Pluto. This makes for an intense and powerful time.

In the Egyptian pantheon, Mercury is allied with Thoth, the Sacred Scribe. Thoth is the creator of language, writing and time, which together form our reality construct - how we perceive the world.

Taurus is allied with Hathor, the original Earth Goddess. Hathor’s message is that on this plane, enlightenment is achieved through embodiment. She invites us to come down into our bodies so that we might experience all that it means to be in form on planet Earth.

In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, we say that Thoth is emanating through Hathor – meaning that our reality construct is being informed by our embodiment. Practical matters regarding how we want to live on this planet – both personally and collectively – will come up for examination over the next three weeks.

Among the questions to be considered: How willing are you to be fully embodied? Do you honor your body as the Temple of your Soul? How do we care for our collective home – planet Earth? With shattering Uranus (Wadjet, the Cobra Kundalini Queen) as part of the equation, we can expect some shocks as the truth (Thoth) of our situation is brought to our attention.

Mercury turns retrograde on April 21, 4:35 am EDT and will turn direct on May 14, 11:17 pm EDT.

April 20, 2023, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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