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Neptune Stationary, turning Direct

Neptune Stationary can feel like we’re standing in quicksand, slowly sinking into the suffocating depths. The mist is thick, we can’t see where we are, we feel confused and afraid.


In traditional astrology, Neptune is the planet of higher spirituality, cosmic consciousness, illumination, intuition, and inspiration. In its shadow, Neptune is confusion, illusion, delusion. Those with Neptune strong in their chart are destined to have experiences where it is difficult to determine what is “real” and “not real.” The veils are thin for these people. Neptune opens a portal into other realities, where Earth rules do not apply.


In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Neptune is associated with Nephthys, Keeper of the Mysteries Behind the Veils. Nephthys is the twin of Isis. Isis is a solar goddess; Nephthys is a lunar goddess. Isis is the light; Nephthys is the dark. Isis is seen; Nephthys is hidden. Nephthys demands our trust, yet her motives are unclear.


In her myth, she lies, cheats, and betrays. She betrays her husband Set, seduces Osiris – her sister’s husband - and abandons her child, Anubis. Yet she also accompanies Isis in her search for Osiris and deeply mourns his death. She is a player in the Osirian Mysteries, but her motives are hidden. Because many outcomes of her actions are unhappy, we find it hard to trust her, but trust her we must.


Nephthys is the siren’s voice, calling us to walk blindly into the mist while trusting a disembodied voice. She calls us to our destiny and along the way there may be pain and loss, yet what else are we to do if we believe we are to follow our Soul’s Purpose? She is the guide into the darkness and if we are to do what we are here to do, we must follow her call.


Neptune/Nephthys will be direct from December 6, 2023, until July 2, 2024.


December 5, 2023, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by SplitShire

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