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Pisces Full Moon

August 30, 2023: Full Moon at Pisces 7°25’, 9:36 pm EDT.

We often experience Full Moons as an emotional crescendo. This will be particularly true for this year’s Pisces Full Moon.

This Full Moon takes place on the 7th degree of Pisces, the same degree Saturn turned retrograde on June 17th. Saturn (Sobek, the Old King, in Shamanic Egyptian Astrology) will be conjunct to the Moon; his constricting energy will be strong. Saturn/Sobek always has an intention – that of focusing our attention on a specific area of experience. In this case, Saturn will insist that we attend to our emotional expression.

Uranus is stationary (turned retrograde on the 28th) and Jupiter is slowing to station (turning retrograde on September 4). These two stations, both in Taurus, create an intense and dramatic effect. (For information on the powerful effect of these two Taurus stations, read post from August 28.) Their influence, combined with the effect of Saturn, make this Pisces Full Moon especially strong.

Pisces is a water sign, sensitive and empathic. In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Pisces is allied with Sothis. Sothis is the Greek name for the star Sirius, a place the ancient Egyptians considered to be their home. Pisces energy is challenging. By necessity this sign is here on Earth but energetically Pisces stretches up into the cosmos. This is both a blessing and a curse; this highly sensitive sign is easily overwhelmed.

These are intense times and we Earthlings will benefit from a connection with the Great Star Nations. During this Full Moon window, connect to the Earth and simultaneously stretch up into the cosmos and commune with Star Consciousness. Find comfort and direction in a connection with your Star Brothers and Sisters. It helps to know we are not alone.

August 29, 2023, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image: Full Moon in Starry Night Sky by Sergey Nivens

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