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Pisces New Moon

February 20: New Moon at Pisces 1°22’, 2:06 am EST.

This New Moon brings a harbinger of things to come. Saturn – Sobek the Old King in the Egyptian pantheon – is aligned with the Dark Moon. Saturn is completing its journey through Aquarius and will enter Pisces on March 7, transiting this water sign for the next 2 ½ years.

Pisces energy is kind, deeply sensitive, spiritual, nourishing, and emotional. A good metaphor for Pisces is the vastness of the sea. The ocean is deep, changeable, nurturing - and dangerous. If you are on a raft, don’t fall off! It’s easy to drown in all that water.

Over the next 2 ½ years, Saturn, the principle of constriction, will give form and structure to Piscean sensitivity – which is both positive and problematic. Pisces needs boundaries - and the Saturnian container can be rigid and unyielding. In our psyche, Saturn is our limbic system, the part of our brain dedicated to keeping us alive. This part is suspicious of change and will hang on to the status quo long past time to let go. Saturn in Pisces will be fluid in ways that Saturn is not completely comfortable with - like a seawall constantly springing leaks.

In the end, there is no point in trying to contain Piscean fluidity. The oceans, lakes and rivers of our world are held by earth – and those waters constantly change the form of their containers. During this Dark Moon, practice letting go. Let go of fears, expectations, your need to have things be a certain way. Allow yourself to be held within the Saturnian container and trust that you will be safely carried to your destination. Just be.

February 19, 2023, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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