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Sagittarius New Moon

New Moon at Sagittarius 20°40’, 6:32 pm EST.


This New Moon corresponds with Mercury stationary. Mercury will turn retrograde at 2:09 am, December 13, at Capricorn 8°29’. Mercury retrograde provides an opportunity to re-visit decisions made since the last Mercury retrograde period, approximately three months before. Mercury is Thoth in the Egyptian pantheon, the Sacred Scribe. This is our mind, our ability to think, understand, and to communicate. This symbol also describes our reality construct, what we believe to be true.


Capricorn is about structure. In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, this is Khnum - the flexible elder. Khnum is a creator god; he creates the humans and animals of Earth on his potter’s wheel. He also readjusts our ka – our creative life force – to accommodate changes and transformations in our lives. Mercury retrograde in Capricorn will provide an opportunity to examine ways we need to change the structures of our lives.


This is a hopeful shift if we are willing to use it. Mercury will retrograde back into Sagittarius on December 22, where it will remain until January 13. This movement will provide individual and collective opportunities to assess how well our operating structures match up to our philosophical values. Sagittarius is allied with Sekhmet, the Warrior Goddess. Sekhmet creates change; she acts out of a fierce commitment to an ideal. This is admirable, and sometimes Sagittarius needs to step back and take a breath. In her fierceness, she can create a disconnect with the very ideals she most proclaims.


Mercury will turn direct on January 1, 2024, at Sagittarius 22°10’. During this Holiday Season, take time to contemplate structural changes you need to make in order to better support your beliefs.


December 11, 2023, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by The Digital Artist

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