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Scorpio New Moon

November 13, 2023: New Moon at Scorpio 20°43’, 4:27 am EST.

New Moon conjunct to Mars, opposite Uranus, and in a loose square to Saturn. Saturn square to Mercury. Conflict, anger, war, and violent eruptions - no surprises here.

If you are directly in the line of fire, I am sorry for your suffering and the suffering of those you love. For those not directly affected – this time – hold an awareness of the bigger picture. Our planet is going through a birth process and all births involve a struggle. The old must die so the new can be born. Death is painful.

Choose your values carefully and uphold them as best you can. Be kind and brave. Be honest and thoughtful. Be compassionate and hold your boundaries. Send love to all and look to your own house. This is a New Moon – it sets the tone for the lunar month. A Scorpio New Moon: this month we journey through the Underworld. All the demons we thought were dead and buried have awakened and erupted into our collective consciousness. Once again, we must defeat them.

November 12, 2023, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by DeSa81

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