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Sun in Gemini

Flexible, fluid, and curious, the air sign Gemini is always on the move. Gemini is the ultimate multi-tasker, capable of moving with grace and ease from one project to another. In its shadow, this sign can take on too much, resulting in a feeling of overwhelm and even panic.

In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Gemini is allied with The Sphinx. The Sphinx is a hybrid, half one creature and half another. In traditional astrology, the symbol for Gemini is the twins, which alludes to the dual nature of these natives.

The Great Sphinx of Giza is an Earth Altar, as are many structures at sacred sites around the world. An altar functions as an intermediary between Heaven and Earth, pulling down information from the Great Star Nations and disseminating it on Earth. In this image we find the higher mission of those with Gemini strong in their charts.

Gemini individuals are the writers, teachers, and communicators of our world. These people receive downloads of information that is meant to be shared. They are walking Earth Altars, their antenna stretching up to the stars to receive information which they then pass on to others.

Not only does Gemini receive information from above, they also receive information from the Earth; information that is meant to be sent up to The Great Star Nations. In this way, these people serve as bridges between Heaven and Earth. It is important for Gemini individuals to ground. When their energy is deeply planted in the Earth, they find it easier to make a connection with the Great Above. Without that dual connection, they can feel like what they are receiving is static, and the feeling of overwhelm will follow.

The Sun will transit though Gemini/The Sphinx from May 21 to June 21.

May 21, 2023, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Great Sphinx and Pyramids, Artist Unknown

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