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Sun in Leo

The Sun is our ego identity, our sense of self at a basic personality level. Our ego is intended to change over time. The root of our ego lies in our earliest childhood experiences. The first iteration of our ego identity is formed by who we instinctively understand we need to be in order to be accepted by our family. This expression works great when we are young, but not so well as we grow older.

Leo is the place in the Zodiac where we first meet a whole and complete individual. Leo is a fire sign and Leo people have strong personalities – creative, with natural leadership abilities. In order to fully embrace their natural abilities Leo natives must feel secure within themselves. Leo personalities need to feel accepted, acknowledged, seen, and heard. If they have not received this early in life, they may have difficulty fully embracing their natural abilities as adults.

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Leo is aligned with Anubis in his youth. Anubis was abandoned at birth by his mother Nephthys. He was brought up by Isis, Nephthys sister, and taught by her the mysteries of magic and sorcery. Anubis is meant to occupy a powerful place in the Egyptian hierarchy – he becomes the Shower of the Way to newly deceased souls – but he cannot fully embrace his destiny until he works though the deep wounding he received by his early abandonment.

We have all been abandoned in some way. Leo as a developmental process represents the necessity to recognize and work though these early betrayals. We must honestly acknowledge what happened, feel the emotions that come up as a result (Leo is a very emotional sign), and surrender to the truth. Only then can we grow beyond the bonds of these early hurts and step fully into who it is we came here to be.

The Sun will be in the sign Leo/Anubis from July 22 to August 23.

July 23, 2023, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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