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Taurus Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

October 28, 2023: Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse at Taurus 5°09’, 4:24 pm EDT.

We stand at the end of the tunnel, ready to exit into a new phase of experience. Except this time, we won’t fully exit the tunnel.

This will be a partial eclipse, visible to most of Asia, Africa, and Europe. “Partial” means that our view of the Moon will not be fully blocked by the shadow of the Earth. Symbolically, this is not a completion, but rather something of a segue.

Our next eclipse series will involve a penumbral lunar eclipse on March 25, followed by a total solar eclipse on April 8. Both will be visible in the United States with the April 8 solar eclipse being quite impressive. The recent October 14 Annular Solar Eclipse moved from the US northwest to the east Texas coast; the April 8 eclipse will move from the southwest coast of Mexico into Texas and will exit the US in Maine. There is a point northwest of San Antonio where the paths of the two solar eclipses will cross.

A lot of shifts are happening. Saturn is slowing to station and will turn direct on November 4, at Pisces 0°. Neptune will turn direct on December 6. The US Pluto Return remains in effect, with Pluto returning to Aquarius on January 31. Pluto will remain in Aquarius for the next 20 years, with the exception of a three-month revisit to Capricorn in the fall of 2024. The transition into the New Age, with all the ramifications it will bring, is accelerating. And, this is still a transition, one that is not complete.

Pay attention to the signs in your life and within the collective experience. It is time to prepare for life in a very different world. What is yours to do during this time of transition? We all have something to contribute – what is yours to do?

October 27, 2023, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Interior of a Stanford Torus by Donald E. Davis

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