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Taurus New Moon

May 19, 2023: New Moon at Taurus 28°25’, 11:53 am EDT.

This New Moon brings abundant Taurus energy – Jupiter, the North Node, Mercury, Uranus, and the Sun/Moon alignment form what we astrologers call a “stellium” in Taurus.

Taurus is the earthiest of earth signs. Practical, sensual, and centered in their bodies, Taurus individuals value resources and convey a focused determination that can slide into stubbornness. In the Egyptian pantheon, Taurus is allied with the Earth Goddess Hathor whose message is that on this plane enlightenment can only be achieved through being fully embodied, which means we must be willing to experience both the pleasure and the pain of being in form.

Popular culture celebrates the pleasure of embodiment and yet, for many, being in a body brings a world of pain. Many suffer from chronic physical pain. Others experience emotional and psychological effects from abuse. Some deal with excruciating shame around how their bodies look and feel. Regardless of how we experience embodiment, Hathor’s message remains the same. We must experience all that being in form has to give us.

This New Moon chart – and the Full Moon that follows on June 3 – both feature a strong square involving expanding Jupiter in a challenging relationship to Pluto – God of Death and Rebirth. This square forms a T-square with Mars at this New Moon and Venus at the Full Moon. This is a powerful patten, one that personalizes the transformative energies present at this time.

During this New Moon window, absorb Hathor’s message – “Come on down! Fully enter your body and experience both the pleasure and the pain of being alive!” – and explore what this means to you.

May 18, 2023, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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