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The Great Shift Challenge, Phase 1. The Vision.

Many astrologers are calling the current Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn “The Great Shift.” Circumstances are conspiring to create a much different world. There is great potential in this situation, and these changes are difficult. Our familiar societal container has crumbled, creating an atmosphere of anxiety and fear. Extreme weather events, political divisions, violent outbursts and unpredictable events such as Covid-19; all contribute to concerns that our world is unstable.

There is hope amidst these difficulties. Astrology is a very practical language that can be used as a guide for consciously aligning our thoughts and actions with cosmic shifts. Over the next several months I will offer useful practices designed to optimally utilize these 2020 astrological events in support of personal change. These posts will be called “The Great Shift Challenge.” We will begin with the current transit of Venus in Aries in a challenging relationship (a square) to the Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn conjunction.

The Opportunity: Go within. Ask yourself if you are currently receiving the support and protection you need. Do you feel safe within yourself? Do you feel free to express yourself openly, honestly and fully? Do you feel connected to the power of your unique life force?

Between now and February 28 take time to imagine yourself feeling completely safe and confident in your own skin. Ideally, do this every day and be specific. What types of people do you need in your life? What kind of living situation? Work situation? Imagine that you have support in your life that inspires your unique and optimal expression of Self. Drop out of your head and into your body. Feel this reality.

February 23, 2020 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.


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