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Aries Full Moon

Full Moon at Aries 27°26’, October 20, 2021,

10:58 am EDT.

Full Moons describe an emotional crescendo, defined by sign and aspect relationships. This Full Moon is part of a T-square with Mars, Pluto, and Eris. In traditional astrology, Mars is anger and manifestation, Pluto is death and rebirth, and Eris – Greek Goddess of Strife and Discord - is the inevitable conflict that results from the pursuit of justice.

In the most famous myth of ancient Egypt, Set (Mars) and Osiris (Pluto) were brothers and fellow kings. They were married to twin sisters, Nephthys and Isis respectively. The volatile Set kills his brother Osiris, for no apparent reason. Although the details of the murder vary depending on the source of the myth, one section remains consistent. Set chops up the body of Osiris and distributes the parts along the Nile. Isis finds the pieces and uses her magic to “re-member” Osiris. She assumes her falcon form, brings Osiris back to life, and makes love to him. Out of their union a son is born – Horus, the Young King.

The Mars/Pluto/Eris emphasis at this Full Moon is a repeat of the dominant astrological energy from the fall of 2020. Many of us are experiencing death in some area of our life. Anger and betrayal may be part of the story. The intensity of our emotions may make it difficult to see that this is also a time of birth. Out of death, new life is born.

Sit under this Warrior Moon and connect with the two brothers – Set and Osiris. Feel their energies within you. You are simultaneously betrayer and protector, destroyer and manifester. Acknowledge this truth as it exists in some area of your life: something needs to be released so that something else can take flight.

October 18, 2021 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by Jim Cooper

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