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Jupiter in Pisces

The principle of expansion tiptoes into the watery world of Pisces. This is a temporary visit; for the next two and a half months Jupiter - Horus the Young King - will manifest through the fluid and boundaryless world of water.

In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Pisces is associated with Sothis, the goddess aligned with the star Sirius. This is Bodhisattva energy, the soul who returns to Earth because it is their mission to grow and evolve in tandem with the development of Earth. They will not leave this realm until Gaia is ready to make the leap up to the next octave. The keyword for this sign is Compassionate Detachment. Jupiter in Pisces is an incredibly loving position – the heart expands outward in great compassion for all of life. This is unconditional love; love given without expectations of behavior.

Jupiter/Horus expands all things. This short sojourn of Jupiter through Pisces means that the heart of the world will open in love and in empathy. The pain of the other will be felt in our own hearts and minds. The shadow side of Pisces is a tendency to be overwhelmed by the feelings of others and confusion about how to handle our own emotional state. Jupiter will expand the shadow of this sign as well as the light.

Jupiter/Horus entered Pisces/Sothis on May 13, will turn retrograde on the June 20 Solstice, will reenter Aquarius on July 28th, and will remain in Aquarius until December 28th. This temporary transit of the Young King Horus through the emanation of Sothis is an opportunity to experience compassion as a solution to the volatility of our present time. When we open our hearts and allow ourselves to feel the vulnerability of another, we find common ground.

May 14, 2021 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by Pobytov

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