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Mars in Leo

Mars is the archetype of The Warrior. Some of us are comfortable with our Warrior; some are not. Some of us fear the Warrior – he’s just too angry! Some disempower him - try to make him peaceful, which goes against his nature. The purpose or our Warrior is to defend, cut cords, push though barriers, and manifest. Sometimes things get broken along the way and, in order for change to happen, some things need to be broken.

In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Mars is allied with Set, the Warrior King. Set is both murderer and defender; a perpetrator and a protector dedicated to his mission. The first is terrifying. The second is sought after.

In traditional astrology, Mars in Leo is the position of the King. He may be wise or he may be foolish; either way he is endowed with great strength and determination. Mars in Leo natives know how to manifest their desires. They are capable of demonstrating great leadership and focus. In their shadow, they can be a bit like bulldozers – determinedly pushing forward until they get what they want, regardless of the results.

Leo is allied with Anubis in the stage of his growth where he must surrender his attachment to his childhood wound of abandonment. This internal process is the secret to effective leadership. Do we act out of a sense of purpose and a heart-centered desire to be of service? Or are we driven by needs originating from some sort of abandonment? Knowing the difference is the challenge of Mars in Leo.

Mars/Set will remain in the emanation of Leo/Anubis from June 11 until July 29. July 1st through the 3rd Mars will activate the on-going Saturn/Uranus square, making the challenge of effective leadership during volatile times particularly relevant.

June 11, 2021 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by Billy A.

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