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Mars in Sagittarius

Warrior Mars is comfortable in fiery Sagittarius. Allied with Sekhmet in Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Sagittarius is a passionate sign that needs a cause. Those born with this position are Warriors, committed to acting on what they believe is right.

One person’s morality is dogma for another. The question for those with strong Warrior energy is how to use this power in service to a cause, informed and directed by their soul’s purpose? Mars is allied with Set, the Warrior King. Set is complicated; he is both a loyal protector and a cruel murderer. This archetype goes to the heart of the matter: all action must be directed by love. If not, then zealotry can manifest. Out of zealotry, close-mindedness and cruelty can follow.

Mars in Sagittarius cannot avoid having an impact on our world. These are strong, passionate, fiery beings, born to be protectors of a cherished ideal. They are riding powerful energy that needs to be guided by love. If not, this energy can run wild, causing destruction and pain.

This journey of Mars/Set through the emanation of Sagittarius/Sekhmet comes at a particularly potent time. Saturn and Uranus are bearing down on their third square, exact on December 24. Venus is in conjunction with Pluto (Isis in alignment with her consort Osiris), with Venus slowing to station and turning retrograde on December 19. Mars enters Sagittarius in alignment with the South Node, the point of karma, and in opposition to retrograde Ceres – a Greek/Roman version of Isis – aligned with the North Node. Past grievances rise to the surface, driving impulsive action disguised as justice.

Mars/Set will remain in the emanation of Sagittarius/Sekhmet from December 13, 2021, to January 24, 2022.

December 13, 2021 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by Iván Tamás

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