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Mercury Retrograde

Things are not what they seem. Mercury, Thoth the Sacred Scribe in Egyptian myth, is stationary retrograde aligned with Venus/Isis and square to Neptune/Nephthys.

Mercury is in Gemini, its home sign. This retrograde period extends through the portal between a Lunar (May 26) and Solar (June 10) eclipse. The Mercury/Neptune square is strong throughout this transition. Our thoughts and communications are affected by what we think is happening but we will be wise to question or - even better – wait before attaching ourselves to anything with certainty. It’s hard to be in the Void, the “I don’t know”, but it’s wise to recognize our location. This is not a time to make decisions or strike off in new directions. Assume the place of the observer, watching the kaleidoscope of energies, thoughts and actions swirl around you without attaching yourself definitively to any of them. The time for action will come but it isn’t now.

Mercury turned retrograde on May 29 and will turn direct on June 22.

May 24, 2021 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Swirling Energy II by Ricky Barnard

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