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New Moon in Aries

April 11, 2021: New Moon at Aries 22°25’, 10:31 pm EDT.

In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Aries is aligned with Kephera, the Spiral Dancer. The symbol for Kephera is the dung beetle, represented by the Scarab. Dung beetles are parthenogenetic; they carry both masculine and feminine characteristics. This beetle lays, fertilizes, germinates, and protects its young, pushing its eggs into a ball of dung and rolling them over the desert floor until they are ready to hatch.

In Egyptian myth, Kephera is the rising sun. The archetypal significance of sunrise is the promise of a new beginning. Every day brings opportunities for new life. During this Dark Moon we have an intense square between Pluto – Lord of the Underworld, allied with Osiris – and seven astrological elements in Aries. The Aries energy is strong and with this relationship to Pluto/Osiris, so is the theme of renewal. This configuration reflects the point in the cycle of death and rebirth where there is a struggle. Something is ready to be born but before we can get to the birth, something else has to release and die.

You may find this place familiar. Last October, Pluto turned direct at Capricorn 22 degrees in a square to retrograde Mars in Aries. If we think back to that time, we were pre-election and experiencing a lot of uncertainty. We were on edge; not sure of what was going to come next and waiting for the other shoe to drop. Our current period is different in many ways but carries similar energetic overtones.

This Dark Moon provides an opportunity to drop deep into your internal process. A journey into your personal underworld may be required, so that you can stare down the shadow of death and make space in your psyche for something new to be born.

April 10, 2021 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Tutankhamum Heart Scarab

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