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New Moon Solar Eclipse

June 10, 2021 – New Moon Solar Eclipse at Gemini 19°47’, 6:53 am EDT.

We stand at the exit of the tunnel, ready to step out into the light after our two-week passage through the portal between the worlds. We have shed our skin – left behind that which we no longer need - and now stand vulnerable and exposed, ready to enter a new period of experience.

This new phase will last from June 10 through November 18. The nature of this period is described by our current transits, highlighted in the chart for this Gemini Solar Eclipse. In addition to the volatility reflected by the on-going Saturn/Uranus square, this chart is dominated by a conjunction of retrograde Mercury – Thoth in the Egyptian pantheon - to the Sun and Moon. All three are in a challenging relationship to Neptune - allied with Nephthys, Keeper of the Mysteries Behind the Veils. This energy is mystical and confusing, otherworldly and reminiscent of moving through a heavy fog.

Gemini is aligned with The Sphinx, the Earth Altar that serves as the connection between Heaven and Earth. Gemini/The Sphinx downloads information from Divine Source and disseminates it across the surface of the Earth. The information coming to us during this next period will be magical and inspiring, and some of it will be incorrect and misleading. It will be important to stay connected to the Earth during the time ahead.

The information coming forth may seem to be your truth but all is not as it seems. Pass all transmissions through your body and into the Earth before acting upon them. Connect simultaneously to Heaven and Earth; your body is the connecting rod between the two.

June 9, 2021 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by Stefan Keller

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