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Saturn square Uranus

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Exact on February 17, 2021.

Sobek will not let go. Grasping with ancient, gnarled hands, the Old King hangs onto the form he created centuries ago, holding down the insistent, powerful, sensual, and life-encompassing energy of Wadjet, the Cobra Goddess.

Slithering through our dreams and nightmares, Snake is a symbol of sensuality and raw sexuality – life force run amok. We recoil from that gaping jaw framed by fierce teeth, ready to strike and fill us with poison. In that poison is both death and life, an invitation to shed our skin and be born anew.

I have come to think of this square between Saturn and Uranus as The Split. There is a tear in our world, a shredding of consensus reality. This Split has been coming on for a long time – years really – but now I see the enormity of this challenge. Some are falling into the chasm – down the rabbit hole. Others stand along the edges of this split, watching our former friends, family, and community members from the other side.

When reality tears, people understandably become confused and frightened. Despite our amazing minds, we humans are dangerous animals when threatened. And as our world splits and shreds, we do feel threatened.

Is there hope? Yes, of course – this process is necessary to build a new consensus reality and yet we would be fools not to acknowledge how difficult it is to go through death and birth. I know the world I want – one that holds all life as sacred, its unifying principle a celebration of diversity. This could not be achieved in our old reality - it had to die for a New Earth to be born. Out of this tearing New Life will emerge and – with time – a New World.

This is the first of three squares between Saturn and Uranus. The second will be on June 15; the third on December 24.

February 16, 2021 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by EuniceR

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