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Saturn Stationary

May 22, 2021: Saturn Stationary.

Saturn is not a popular planet. In old time astrology, Saturn was called “The Great Malefic.” Transits of Saturn were feared and being born with strong Saturn aspects doomed one to a lifetime of bad luck. In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Saturn is allied with Sobek, the Old King. The Old King knows a thing or two but he also hangs on long past the time when he should be releasing his power to the next generation. Sobek is the crocodile-headed god and Saturn can be understood as our reptilian brain, the part most concerned with survival.

Saturn/Sobek is a protector. Saturn holds form until new life is strong enough to push him aside. He is the shell of the egg, the casing of the seed, the uterus that holds the growing fetus. He is also the contractions that signal to new life that it is time to move – to break out of its container. Constriction is a necessary part of the birth process.

When we undergo a transit of Saturn some part of our life is constricted. Most of us don’t like this and we’ll do anything to avoid the constraining force. If necessary, Saturn will put us flat on our back so we can do nothing except consider what it is that needs to change. In this way, Saturn is a guide shining light on something that is no longer working, leaving everything else in darkness.

This station of Saturn/Sobek is accompanied by an on-going square with Uranus/Wadjet. Uranus is life force, straining against the grip of Saturn. We are experiencing an intensifying battle between resistance to change and the birth of a new way of being.

Saturn turns retrograde on May 23; the second exact square of Saturn/Uranus is on June 14. For many, this time feels like being caught in a vise. The best way to deal with Saturn is to cooperate with him. Stay still, listen, and contemplate what needs to change.

May 22, 2021 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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