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Scorpio New Moon

November 4, 2021 – New Moon at Scorpio 12°40’, 5:15 pm EDT

The Dark Moon (the three-day period around the New Moon) is a time to go into the Dream Lodge, release the energy of the last 28 days and prepare for a new cycle. The Scorpio New Moon is particularly conducive for this process. Scorpio revels in this descent into the Underworld, intuitively understanding that Dark Nights of the Soul are necessary Rites of Passage.

This Dark Moon is particularly powerful, generating a volatile combination of influences. At the time of the New Moon, Uranus will be in opposition to the Sun/Moon alignment. For the first two weeks of this Moon phase, Mars will activate the Saturn/Uranus square. The Taurus Full Moon on November 19 is a partial Lunar Eclipse, initiating the two-week transition between the worlds – the portal from one phase of experience to another. This portal closes with a Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 4.

Our current eclipse phase began on June 10. Think back to that time and consider all that has happened. The next two weeks are the culmination of this period.

In traditional astrology, Scorpio is the sign of transformation, death, and rebirth. In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Scorpio is allied with Bast, the Cat Goddess, awakener of our Holy Longing. It is our yearning for something different that gives us the courage to make the leap from one way of being to another. Use this Dark Moon period to go into your darkness and commune with your longing. What you’ve done over the last five months is coming to completion. It is time to begin the process of letting go and opening to a new phase of expression.

November 3, 2021 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by ELG21

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