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Sun in Virgo

The Zodiac is a description of a process. First comes the development of the individual, then the creation of the group. The job of Virgo - the sixth sign of the Zodiac - is to perfect all that has come before. Hence the attention to detail for which these natives are famous. This earth sign is organized (or at least wants to be), detail-oriented, and can be a perfectionist. Discernment and the ability to prioritize are their best traits; fussiness, worry and being overly critical lies in their shadow.

In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Virgo is allied with Nekhbet, the Crone Priestess. Nekhbet is the wise grandmother who asks if we are we living our Soul Purpose. If we are not, she does not shame or criticize – she tells us to go do whatever we must in order to step into who we really are.

Virgo natives are often infused with a great desire to be of Service. Their path will lead them to a deep understanding of the difference between Service and servitude. Their strong sense of responsibility can result in being maneuvered into work that does not inspire them. Someone has to take care of the details! But if this work does not make their heart sing, these people will feel like they are held prisoner to a task rather than being in Service to a greater cause. Anxiety and feelings of being “less than” arise when this happens. Once they find Right Livelihood – living in right relationship between who they are and what they do in the world - all falls into place.

The Sun will remain in the emanation of Virgo/Nekhbet from August 22 to September 22. The question to be asked: Am I in alignment with my desire to be of Service?

August 22, 2021 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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