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Taurus New Moon

May 11, 2021 - New Moon at Taurus 21°18’, 3:00 pm EDT.

This New Moon brings the intensity of a Sun/Moon/Lilith conjunction in Taurus. Lilith is the Wild Feminine of myth, an aspect of the Divine Feminine that has often been reviled. She is strong in her sense of self and will not give power over her body or mind to anyone. In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Taurus is allied with Hathor, the ancient Earth Goddess. Hathor is erotic, sensual, and sexual. Her message is that enlightenment in this dimension is achieved through embodiment. Hathor loves all life and she encourages us to come fully into form.

This Dark Moon (the three-day period around the exact New Moon) initiates the beginning of the end of our present phase. The May 26 Full Moon will be a Total Lunar Eclipse, meaning we will enter the portal between two eclipses. When we exit this portal on June 10 with an Annular Solar Eclipse, we will be entering a new phase of experience.

The chart for this New Moon reflects the intensity of our current phase. Saturn is preparing to station (May 23) and will move into its second exact square to Uranus on June 14. The pressure we feel from the Sobek/Wadjet relationship will continue to increase over the next few weeks.

The best use of this Dark Moon period is to get in touch with your own inner Hathor and Lilith. These are reflections of the strong yin – receptive and powerful, vulnerable yet unshakeable in their belief in themselves. This is a deeply embodied place, where we experience both the pleasure and pain of being alive. Give yourself permission to touch into this powerful and deeply personal aspect of your internal feminine and bring her forth into expression in your life.

May 10, 2021 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Lilith by John Collier, 1887 (partial)

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