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The Vastness of the Sea

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

I send you greetings from the sea! I am on personal retreat this week and this what I saw as I looked out my window this morning.

This week (February 25) Venus/Isis will move out of Aquarius and into Pisces. The Virgo Full Moon falls on Saturday, February 27. Full Moons are about the relationship between opposites; with this Full Moon opposition we are invited to meditate on the relationship between two Sistars of Service. Nekhbet, the Crone Priestess, holds us accountable to our call to service here on Earth. Sothis, the Star Goddess, teaches us how to hold Compassionate Detachment for all beings through a connection to the bigger picture.

By the end of this week, we will have two astrological symbols (the Sun and Venus) in Pisces and three in Aquarius (Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn). Both Aquarius/Ptah and Pisces/Sothis are signs of planetary service and of the two, Pisces is the gentler energy. Pisces is associated with the ocean; in the vastness of the sea we humans find access to the heart expanding experience of Universal Love. This is compassion that has no boundaries – no beginning and no end.

May this little video be a doorway for you into the loving kindness that is the essence of the Star Goddess Sothis. May you be blessed by her all-encompassing love and acceptance.

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