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Time for a Change

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

It’s been almost a year since I posted my first video astrology update and meditation with the Shamanic Egyptian neters. It’s been a weekly project since then and an important one for me. It has helped me get over my distaste of seeing myself on camera (what the hell – I am who I am and I look the way I look) and focus simply on the work and providing the support that I believe astrology can offer during these very tumultuous times. It’s been helpful for me to record these updates and journeys and I’ve heard from many of you that they have been useful for you as well.

Last week I went to the beach. I spent a good amount of time staring into the endless sea thinking about nothing and everything. It was wonderful. And what came out of it was a further understanding that it is time for a change. We are in a very different world now. We’ve moved on from last year’s Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto alignment with all of it’s challenges into a last quarter Saturn/Uranus square which is providing its own challenges and opportunities.

I have decided to suspend my weekly video updates. I will continue to post commentaries on the astrological shifts as they happen, and I will share a video from time to time. There will be more meditations. And the needs of this year are different than the needs of last year. That will become more apparent as we move forth through the year. What I offer needs to respond to what is needed. I’m not quite sure what that is yet, but I do have some ideas. As they jell and become clearer, I will share them on this platform and in my private work.

Ruby Falconer, March 1, 2021. Available for chart readings.

Image by Lars Nissen

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