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Venus in Virgo

The position of Venus in a chart describes the external expression of our internal Divine Feminine, regardless of gender. In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Venus is allied with Isis, Queen Mother of Heaven. The Egyptian ally of Virgo is Nekhbet, the Vulture Goddess of ancient Egypt. Nekhbet is the Crone Priestess, the one who asks if we are doing what we came here to do. If not, she says to us, “Go take care of whatever is in your way so that you can proceed with the intention of your Soul.”

Those born with Venus in Virgo value order, cleanliness, purity and have a deep desire to be of service to others. At its best, this position of Venus is the High Priestess, attending to the synthesis of spiritual concerns and earth matters in all areas of life. This individual pays attention to the details, understanding that these concerns are the threads that weave a productive and meaningful existence. Their desire is to apply purity and simplicity to all their affairs.

The shadow side of Venus in Virgo – judgmentalism and critical fussiness - is a veneer these natives adopt when they do not feel in alignment with their desire to be of service to Gaia and all her creatures.

Venus/Isis will move through the emanation of Virgo/Nekhbet from July 21 until August 15/16. This is a good time to prioritize, clarify and clean up some area of your life that is muddled and will benefit from your attention.

July 21, 2021 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by JoAnn Mangione

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