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Cancer New Moon; Neptune Stationary

June 28, 2022: New Moon at Cancer 7°23’, 10:52 pm EDT; Neptune Stationary.

When Neptune is stationary, the shadow appears. In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, this is Nephthys – Keeper of the Mysteries Behind the Veils. Nephthys is the High Priestess of Magic; her realm is mysterious, magical, and imaginative. We can be fooled when Neptune is strong; fall prey to a shell game where what is really happening is hidden by a clever sleight of hand. It all depends on the intention of the magician.

At this New Moon, the Sun/Moon conjunction is square to Jupiter, Horus the Young King. Our collective attention is directed toward concerns about home, family, and children, and a battle is rising around what we need in order to feel safe.

Pluto is also making his presence known. In traditional astrology, Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld. In Egyptian myth, he is Osiris, Lord of Regeneration. Pluto/Osiris holds the mysteries of the Birth/Death/Rebirth Cycle - the eternal dance of transformation. In traditional astrology, Pluto is associated with violent, destructive change – volcanic eruptions, explosions, and the atomic bomb.

There is an echo of the 2020 Great Shift Conjunction (Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn) in this New Moon chart. Mars is in a conjunction to his sidekick Eris, Goddess of Strife and Discord. Both are in Aries, square to Pluto, as they were in the second half of 2020. This echo will continue as we build toward the Full Moon on July 13.

We are moving into the final Saturn/Uranus square, in effect from mid-July through mid-November. Right now, the by-word is “wait.” Do not act when you cannot see what is really going on. Peer behind the veils. See not just with your eyes, but with your heart. Discern the difference between magic and deceit, illumination and illusion.

June 27, 2022, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by Birrell Walsh

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